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Bank Holidays 2017 Bank Holidays 2017

Please note that we will be closed on the below dates for Bank Holidays, the dates are:


14 April                 Good Friday

17 April                 Easter Monday

1 May                   Early May bank holiday

29 May                 Spring bank holiday

28 August             Summer bank holiday

25 December        Christmas Day

26 December        Boxing Day

2017-01-05 10:08

Christmas Returns Policy Christmas Returns Policy

‘We all like to start our Christmas shopping early, we want you to have peace of mind when deciding to purchase with us, so we have extended our returns policy to cover the festive period. 


Any item(s) purchased between the 1st of November and 23rd December 2016  can be returned to us for a full refund or a replacement up to 31st January 2017’

2016-11-02 12:53

Bank Holiday Opening Times Bank Holiday Opening Times

Please note that we will be closed on the below dates for Bank Holidays, the dates are:


Friday 25th March
Monday 28th March
Monday 2nd May
Monday 30th May
Monday 29th August
Monday 26th December
Tuesday 27th December

2016-02-11 13:36

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